“Without the help of your office and the community, my family would not have made it through this. We are forever thankful”

What is Wraparound?

The Wraparound process is a way to improve the lives of children with complex needs and their families. It is not a program or a type of service, but a Child & Family Team based planning process used to develop plans of care that are individualized based on the strengths and culture of the children and their family. The plan is needs-driven rather than service-driven, although a plan may incorporate existing categorical services, if appropriate to meet the needs of the consumer.

Service Coordination

Some children and their families get services from many agencies, and local service providers, and from informal support networks, like community groups, friends, neighbors and relatives. Having all these services and all these people can be frustrating and overwhelming for families. Service coordination is a way of organizing services for families and children.

In Champaign County, the Child and Family Team process provides family-centered, individualized services and supports to families. A local coordinator helps find appropriate supports for the family, including previously existing supports, by facilitating team meetings at locations chosen by the family. Services are delivered with the needs and strengths of the child and family guiding the process. Any child ages 0 through 21 who lives in Champaign County and has multiple unmet needs or barriers with service systems is eligible for the Child and Family Team process. The Child and Family Team process is voluntary. The legal guardian (s) must agree to participate in the program.

Parent Advocacy Connection

Parent Advocacy Connection (PAC) is a grassroots organization of trained advocates who reflect the cultural and ethnic make-up of the families they serve. This program is overseen by NAMI Ohio (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and is funded by the Ohio Departments of Mental Health, Job and Family Services, Drug and Alcohol Services, Education, and Youth Services.

When children require services from multiple sources (i.e., mental health, schools, juvenile courts, developmental disabilities and alcohol/drug addiction services agencies), it can be difficult for parents to navigate their way through these various service systems. Families may become overwhelmed and have difficulty expressing their concerns and the needs of their child. Ohio’s Service Coordination process recognizes this challenge and has made support for families available through the Parent Advocacy Connection (PAC). A parent advocate can provide additional support to families because of their personal and professional experience with community systems. The following link will provide additional information about their services: