Member’s Corner

Meeting Schedule

First and Third Monday from 5pm-7pm at the Madison- Champaign ESC (Preschool Entrance 1 Door).

Meeting Minutes and Agenda’s (PDF)


Committee Workgroups

Coalition Structure:
The Mental Health Drug & Alcohol Services Board of Logan/Champaign Counties will serve as the Administrative Agent to the Champaign County Family and Children First Council (CCFCFC). The Champaign County Family & Children First Council will serve as the lead agency heading the coalition and provide support service through the Executive Director. This role will be considered the DFYC Coordinator. The Administrative agent will maintain and receive funding on behalf of CCFCFC and DFYC. DFYC will have a volunteer chairperson and will also have an Executive Committee, Action Planning Committee, Evaluation Committee, and Sustainability Committee.

The Executive Committee will serve as the governing body of the coalition and will be responsible for grant writing and ensuring that money received by grants are appropriated as defined by the grant budgets. Committee will also be responsible for approving by-laws, grant applications, and grant expenditures.

b. The Action Planning Committee will be responsible for ensuring the implementation and monitoring of the coalition goals and objectives that drive prevention activities in the community. These committees will consist of groupings of coalition volunteers who are in good standing.

c. The Evaluation Committee consists of 3-5 coalition members in good standing, including the DFY Coordinator. The evaluation committee will meet monthly for an hour to an hour and a half beginning October 1, 2011. Frequency of meetings will be re-evaluated annually. The Evaluation Committee will be responsible for: 1) assisting in the design and implementation of the data collection process; 2) provide oversight to the evaluation process; 3) provide feedback to the coalition on the development and monitoring of progress of the coalition in relationship to the implementation of its logic model; 4) be the voice of evaluation for the coalition; 5) be critical of the work of the coalition and ask the questions – “Are we making a difference? Why? Why not?”

d. The Sustainability Committee consists of coalition members who have had 8 or more hours of Strategic Prevention Framework training. The Sustainability Committee will meet annually and will be responsible for maintaining permanent representatives set for in Article V. Additionally, the Sustainability Committee will be responsible for recruitment of new members and providing new training opportunities to the coalition. The Sustainability Committee will review the strategic action plan to identify what resources are required and determine the funding strategies to sustain the action plan.

Coalition leadership will be made up of a representative from the Administrative Agent, the Family and Children First Council Executive Director and/or DFY Coordinator, Coalition Chairperson, Executive Committee Chairperson, and Action Planning Chairperson. Leadership meet monthly outside of regular Coalition meetings to plan and prepare for the following month’s meetings.

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